3- Qui étais Ed Roth ?

Qui étais Ed Roth ?


Ed "Big Daddy" Roth (March 4, 1932April 4, 2001) was an

artist and cartoonist who created the hot-rod icon Rat Fink and

other extreme characters. As a custom car builder, Roth was a key

figure in Southern California's "Kustom Kulture"/Hot-rod

movement of the 1960s. He grew up in Bell, California, attending

Bell High School, where his classes included auto shop and art.

Roth is best known for his grotesque caricatures — typified by

Rat Fink — depicting imaginative, outsized monstrosities driving

representations of the hot rods he and his contemporaries built.

He is less well known for his innovative work in turning hot

rodding from crude backyard engineering where performance was the

bottom line into a refined artform where aesthetics were equally

important, breaking new ground with Fibreglass bodywork.

Numerous artists were associated with Roth, including painter

Robert Williams, Rat Fink Comix artist R.K. Sloane and Steve

Fiorilla, who illustrated Roth's catalogs.


Known as Mr. Gasser to the hot-rodding community, Roth was

active in the field of counterculture art and hot-rodding his

entire adult life. At the time of his death in 2001, he was

working on an innovative hot-rod project involving a compact car

planned as a radical departure from the dominant "tuner"

performance modification style.

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