1- Histoire et origine du Pin-Stripping

Pin striping is the application of a very thin line of paint or

other material called a pin stripe, and is generally used for

decoration. Fine lines in textiles are also called pin stripes.


Pin striping can be seen all over the roads with custom choppers,

such as Orange County Choppers, Indian Larry, and West Coast

Choppers. Pinstriping motorcycles has been around for a long time.

Kenny Howard, also known as Von Dutch, a pioneer of the Kustom

Kulture lifestyle, became known as one of the original hot rod


In automotive body work, pin stripes are a thin vinyl tape or 
paint. The tape versions are adhered directly to the painted 
surface in the pattern desired, while painted ones are done by 
skilled artists with specially angled brushes. The paint used by 
the vast majority of stripers is a brand by the name of 1 Shot 
although large companys such as House of Kolor also make 
striping enamel.

The goal of pin striping is to enhance the contours of the

surface, and the lines are generally of a complementary color.

In any other form of decorative pin stripes, the goal is the


Pin stripe décor is also applied to motorcycles, trucks, boats,

and surfboards.

In the 1950s Von Dutch first utilized the techinique in

California. He created many designs which are still popular

today. There are countless brush artists who carry on the

tradition — The Doc in Compton, Preacher (Peter McDermott)

in San Antonio Texas, Steve Kafka in Arizona, Victor in Nebraska,

MWM from Hot Rod Surf in San Diego, to name a few.

The technology used by contemporary stripers is much easier in

the 2000s than in the '50s for those learning the craft. Mack

makes several swords, and Steve Kafka designed brushes which

has made the swirls and complicated designs much easier to do.


Most stripers even stripe toilet seats and office furniture--

pretty much anything that will hold still. Stripers can often

be seen demonstrating their craft at car and motorcycle




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