2- Qui étais Von Dutch ?

Qui étais Von Dutch ?

de son vrai nom Kenneth Howard (1929-1992), also known as Dutch,

Von Dutch or J.L. Bachs (Joe Lunch Box), was a motorcycle

mechanic, eccentric, artist, pinstriper,

metal fabricator, knifemaker, and gunsmith. His father, Wally

Howard, was a well-respected Los Angeles sign painter and by the

age of ten, the young Kenny Howard was able to paint and letter

at a professional level.



While attending Compton High School, Von Dutch excelled in

track and field and was referred to as "the fastest man in LA."

Von Dutch had an appreciation for music and was also an

accomplished flutist.


Automotive work

Von Dutch was a major influence in the customizing of vehicles

in the 1950s to today. Some of his famous works include the

flying eyeball and the custom Kenford truck[1], along with

numerous custom motorcycles and many award-winning custom cars.

Among many custom car and motorcycle enthusiasts, he is thought

of as one of the fathers of Kustom Kulture.



According to an article in the Orange County Weekly "He was quite

a racist; didn't like anybody. He had all the trappings of being

a neo-Nazi. He could not tolerate black people," said

Robert Williams, whose friendship with Dutch cooled over time,

but never ended. "But I had some wonderful times with him. When

you caught him in a good mood he was really wonderful to talk to.

But he would slip into these loud violent periods that were just



Von Dutch corporation

Virginia, "Dutch"'s sister

Von Dutch's heirs started marketing his designs on clothing and

accessories and now energy drinks after his death. In an

unprecedented move, a young 20 year old bought into the company,

acquiring 20%.



Von Dutch Official Race Car Driver

This is not quite true,as his name was licensed under misguided

intentions. His family sees a mere pittance compared to overall

sales of merchandise.

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